Anonymous said: I don't really understand the West Coast drama. I got the new version and it's really not that different. Even if you preferred the original, it's essentially the same.

i suppose

Anonymous said: Don’t You Know I’m Beautiful was recorded in 2011 and it's not a demo

thats what makes you beautiful

Anonymous said: The new version of WC is available in foreign iTunes stores now!


Anonymous said: The new WC version just kinda sounds weird. I don't feel like it flows as well. But the vocals do sound clearer which I do like. I bought bother versions, not really worth it.


Anonymous said: Did Lana have an internet connection while she lived in the trailer?

probably why

Anonymous said: Did WC just drop off the iTunes chart or am I just not seeing it??


Anonymous said: im gonna steal your theme and start a drag blog

im down

Anonymous said: So now there's: the radio mix by Dan, the original iTunes version, and a re-released version?


Anonymous said: Buying music on iTunes or of physical copies does not really help the artist in terms of profit. They get like .01¢ per few downloads. Buying her music will keep her in the charts but it doesn't have anything to do with money. All the money she is making comes from her concerts. That is how artists make money.

yh exactly i want her to chart well haha

Anonymous said: Is it me or do you hear a deep voice sort of burping out your love before it slows down or wat

havent noticed and cant listen rn

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